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When the "No Results" page comes up, it may not always mean there are no "chiropractors" in "Abilene" "Texas". The problem might be as simple as the wrong state has been selected. Please check to make sure you haven't accidentally selected the wrong state.

Typos & Speeling Mistaeks

If your search is not successful (for instance, you keep getting the dreaded "no results" page), please check your spelling in the CITY field. We're implementing a spell-checking feature that will fix most common typos, but until then, if it isn't spelled the way our search engine expects, "no results" will be the result.


It isn't necessary to use wildcards, such as *, %, ?, or $, because our search engine already maximizes each search to return the most results for your search. We've found that most users of US Health Services would prefer to get more results rather than fewer, so we've trained our search engine to do just that.

If all the above fails to generate the results you want, let us know. Our system keeps logs of search results; we review these logs regularly to help us fine-tune the system, but even the best fine-tuning won't be 100% perfect every time.

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